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  • Flower Therapy Pain Salve

    Flower Therapy Pain Salve

    $40.00 - $55.00
    These little 2oz jars are formulated with the utmost pain relief in mind! As both a registered nurse, and patient; I know what it takes to make a topical that really works. CBD, and chlorophyll work together to help alleviate inflammation, and pain at...
  • Hemp Flower CBD  Oil/Tincture ~1,000mg

    Hemp Flower CBD Oil/Tincture ~1,000mg

    *This is a batch preorder, and will be open: 6/2/22-6/10/22 (1-2week turnaround time) Handmade tincture/oil for daily CBD health. Made using organic, boutique hemp buds from Ranchera Familia. Comes in a 2oz dropper bottle. Featured Strain: Frida Choose...
  • Flower Therapy Intimate Relief Bullets

    Flower Therapy Intimate Relief Bullets

    These meticulously hand poured vaginal/rectal bullets are made with boutique hemp infused organic, raw cocoa & kokum butters, and calculated at approximately 100mg CBD. These can be used for a variety of things such as: menstrual pain, painful sexual...
  • Stress & Tension Headache Roller

    Stress & Tension Headache Roller

    Stress, and tension headaches got you feeling low? Ease them away with this high potency, raw hemp flower infused headache roller. Lavender, and peppermint oils add a delicate touch of aromatherapy for a relaxing experience, even on the go. Formulated...

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