Rebranding. Pero Like...Why?

Rebranding. Pero Like...Why?

If there's one thing I hate; it's when a brand decides to discontinue, or reformulate products I love. And yet here I am...discontinuing, and reformulating some of my OG favorites. I know some of you guys might be sad, or even a little nervous. I wanted to give an explanation as to why I've decided to make this move. I started out making my own natural, probiotic deodorant because I don't sweat cute. Even with mens maximum strength deodorant, I would still stink worse than old PE clothes left in …
Mar 25th 2022 Adriana RN

CBD & Inflammatory Pain

Our bodies have a way of actively regulating itself to maintain stable conditions necessary for survival; this is known as homeostasis. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a neuromodulatory system within our bodies that specifically interacts with cannabis to help achieve homeostasis. One function of homeostasis is the regulation of immune/inflammatory responses like cytokine inhibition, and release. For those of us with autoimmune disease, our own immune system attacks itself, causing chronic i …
Mar 5th 2022 Adriana RN
Why Whole Flower Hemp/Cannabis Is Supreme

Why Whole Flower Hemp/Cannabis Is Supreme

Call me old school, but I've always enjoyed raw cannabis flower over concentrates. As I learned more about cannabis health as a registered nurse, I then understood why. Cannabis works best by using it in its' whole, natural form. A synergistic effect, also known as "entourage effect", requires all cannabinoids, and phytochemicals work together for the best therapeutic results. When we extract certain cannabinoids, we leave behind other medicinal plant components. Cannabinoids also don't hav …
Jan 23rd 2022 Adriana N, RN

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